About Me

Hey! I'm Rich. I'm a software engineer with a passion for startups, developing products for the web & mobile. I'm also a 3D printing enthusiast and I love to tinker with electronics.

To see some more of the projects I'm working on, see my projects page. I also publish 3D printing designs on my 3d prints page which you can download and print.

Startups & Employment

  • Veritonic Inc.
    • VP of Engineering, (jan 2024+)
    • Director of Engineering, (march 2023 - jan 2024)
    • Senior Software Engineer, (august 2022 - march 2023)
    • Software Engineer (may 2018 - august 2022)
  • ABC NewsSoftware Development Intern, (may 2017 - august 2017)
  • BeachParking.comCo-Founder, (july 2015 - april 2017)
  • Collegellama/FlipHopCo-Founder, (september 2014 - may 2016)


  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering - University of Connecticut
  • Master of Science in Cybersecurity - Quinnipiac University

Technologies I’m Using

A subset of the some of the technologies and systems I’m currently using for various projects:

Giving Back

I’m a mentor for the Masuk High School Vex Robotics Team.

I don’t use or check these services much, but they are accounts I own:


If you’re contacting me about any open source stuff I’m working on and it’s not sensitive information, please direct your comments to the respective project’s issue tracker. I get way too many emails and may miss yours!

  • primary email: mail ατ richinfante ԁοτ com
  • secondary email: richinfante ατ protonmail ԁοτ ch (see pgp key below)
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