Better macOS Screenshot Workflow

For enhancing my efficiency with the built-in macOS screenshot tool, I add a new folder to my home folder called “Screenshots”, then I update the preferences so it writes all new screenshots there. For easy access, I then add it to my dock so I can easily drag and drop recent screenshots.

With this, I can take a bunch of screenshots in bulk and easily access them, without polluting my desktop.

Automated Setup Script

# create folder and set as screenshot location
mkdir ~/Screenshots
defaults write location "$HOME/Screenshots"

# Add it to the right-hand side of the dock
defaults write persistent-others -array-add "\
          <key>_CFURLString</key> <string>file://$HOME/Screenshots/</string>\
          <key>_CFURLStringType</key> <integer>15</integer>\

      <key>file-type</key> <integer>2</integer>\
      <key>showas</key> <integer>1</integer>\

  <key>tile-type</key> <string>directory-tile</string>\

# restart Dock
killall Dock

Final manual step

After running the script, you may want to change the sort order to be “Date Added”. This can be done by right-clicking on the icon in the dock and selecting “Sort by” -> “Date Added”.


Change Log

  • 4/9/2024 - Initial Revision

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