Site Redesign, new pages


I’ve pushed updates to this site to rework the visual look. I think the previous design was much more visually noisy with the sidebar which didn’t add too much navigational benefit. I’ve also rectified the random use of monospace fonts in places where they shouldn’t be.

Additional updates to come in the coming days as I rethink how some of the navigation should be flowing between some of the pages such as 3d prints, etc. I have hidden away the table of contents while I rethink how to integrate that into the post pages.

New Pages

As a bonus since Halloween’s right around the corner, I’ve published a version of my holiday countdown page for Halloween. You can find it here:

🎃 View Halloween Countdown


I’m following a pretty loose design system of my own making. All corner radiuses are 0.75em. For colors, I’m using the Tailwind project’s neutral and blue palettes.

For neutral-colored buttons and cards, the colors are the same. As a result, we use some css rules which cause buttons to render differently when inside a .card element, and they adjust their color to be one shade lighter than the card (and the same for the :hover) state.

The site’s font has been changed from Inter UI to Raleway.

Change Log

  • 10/23/2022 - Initial Revision

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