Decentralizing Your Digital Life


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This page is a reference of alternatives to mainstream products / products run by mega-corporations

  • DuckDuckGo

    DuckDuckGo aggregates it’s results from over 400 sources across the net. I’ve found the results aren’t quite the same as Google, but still good enough.

  • Startpage

    StartPage uses Google’s search index, so results are similar to Google’s but there’s been questions about the company’s ownership recently. 1


Now that the browser wars may have returned,2 you may want to switch from chrome to another browser.

  • Firefox

    Firefox is a good option for a browser that isn’t chromium-based (the chromium project is run by Google, but is Open Source).

Domain Name Registration


  • ProtonMail

    ProtonMail is an email service run out of Switzerland, and has robust end-to-end encryption support. 3

Source Control

Operating Systems

There’s never been a better time to switch to linux - which is free, open source, and doesn’t respects your privacy much more and doesn’t phone home like macOS4 and Windows5 for everything you do.

I’d recommend Ubuntu for first-timers as the installer is pretty helpful and the OS is configured for use right out of the box.

NOTE: Take extreme care when installing new operating systems on your computer, as you can easily erase all your data if you pick the wrong option. Do your research!







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