TV Recommendations


This document contains my current TV purchase recommendations.


  • No Smart-TV Integration!

    • I recommend purchasing an Apple TV, Fire Stick, or similar box instead.
    • Smart TVs can potentially (and it seems like some do) sell viewer data.
    • Smart TVs aren’t very modular (but set-top-boxes can easily be replaced or removed).
    • CNBC: Smart TV Privacy
    • FBI: Smart TV Security Warning
  • HDMI In (2 ports minimum, 4 preferred)

    • To Be Used by:
      • Set-Top Box
      • Gaming Console
      • Streaming Box
      • Laptop Video In
  • Optical Out (required for most soundbars)


These are optional but good for flexibility & compatibility with older devices:

  • Headphone Out
  • Analog Audio Out (required for legacy sound systems)
  • Composite Video In (optional, required for legacy devices)
  • Component Video In (optional, required for legacy devices)
  • Analog Audio In (typically paired with composite/component video)
  • S-Video (optional, if you have a use for it)

Change Log

  • 12/2/2019 - Initial Revision
  • 12/1/2019 - Copied document from Pastebin

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