2016 In Review


2016 was a busy year! I launched a ton of new products this year.

BeachParking.com - We debuted BeachParking.com this summer in Misquamicut! If you’re not familiar, BeachParking.com is a reservation service for beaches, so you can have a spot waiting for you when you show up to the beach. No more getting up at 5am to ensure you have a spot! We had an amazing year and we’ve got lots of cool stuff planned for next summer!

Day Plan (iOS App) - In the spring, I launched DayPlan as a new way to organize your calendar events. It organizes your iOS events and reminders into a list organized in order by day, and allows you to easily see what’s coming up in your schedule. day plan

Groupchat.social -In the fall, I built an experiment which was designed to be a group chat for all of the students on a college campus. I learned a lot from building and running it, and I’ve got something in the works I’ll be launching in early 2017. groupchat

FlipHop (iOS App) - In the spring, my team and I launched FlipHop as a continuation of a website we had built the previous year, it allowed students to post items for sale and contact on-campus sellers about them.

Change Log

  • 12/30/2016 - Initial Revision

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